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NARE Power & Energy

Meet total power plant solution with innovative and eco-friendly design, and progressive rechargeable battery manufacturing facilities and ESS.

Gas Power plants

We are focusing on small and medium scale gas fired power plants. It is very proper to customers who want to distribute electric power to a disadvantaged area.

Solar Power Plants

Solar energy is one of renewable energy and unlimited. K-NARE offer one-stop solution for solar power plants. The one-stop solution can cover all scope of work.

Wind Power Plants

Wind power is one of infinite resource. Our integrated solution for wind power solution can make that you conduct effectively your business.

Rechargeable Battery

Manufacturing Facilities

Customers can produce high-quality Li-ion batteries with our experiences in this field. We can cover all scope of works for the facilities and skilled producing know-how.

Energy Storage System(ESS)

Energy Storage System (ESS) is a new technology to store electric power from mostly solar and wind power plants. NARE Power & Energy can become an integrated partner.



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